It was a normal day. I did my usual sound-dump of songs I've been recommended, sent, found, onto my phone (yes, I know, not exactly the way audio should be heard for the first time) and made my way home across london. For those of you not from our beautiful capital city, you may not know the particular sense of dread you get from stepping onto a tube at approx 5.30pm in Canary Wharf. It's like that film 'The Warriors' but the only gangs are 'The Suits' and their weapon of choice? Brylcreem covered Dre Beats. Now I have nothing against this particular brand of headphone, but the sound escape is incredible. It's like being in a rainforest, as you just don't quite know where the sound is coming from, but the nearer you get, the worse you feel. So I'm surrounded but the gentle tinny hiss of a thousand identikit guys who have just discovered Drake and I set my phone to shuffle. This is a mildly dangerous thing, as the music I tend to listen to is eclectic to say the least, but I suddenly realised that today wasn't going to be like any other, today is the day I discovered … Continue Reading ››


    Almost a year ago, POST/POP collaborated with Reddit's R/Cassetteculture to release the extremely eclectic compilation 'ADVENTURES IN HOME TAPING' featuring the bands who frequent that specific subreddit. These bands encompass every genre you could possibly imagine. We even had a saxaphone solo recorded on a phone! We had hip-hop, we had poetry, we had garage rock, we had jazz! For the much anticipated sequel, some of those bands have come back, but they are joined by a whole host of new bands that have appeared on R/CC and all embrace the much maligned beauty of DIY tape culture. Some of these bands have their own tape labels, some of them have only recently got into tapes, but all jumped at the chance to be on AIHT2 as its like the Cassette Culture Rosetta Stone. Listening to this album is akin to falling through a hole in this reality into a Yellow Submarine style journey down insanity road. The mix of genres and styles really push the aural escapism to its peak. Its a snapshot of the resurgence in cassette culture in one … Continue Reading ››


I have thought about setting up a POST/POP subscription service for almost the entire life of this label. When dealing with limited edition records, and the busy 21st century lifestyle of the modern day music fan, you will inevitably miss out on a release. There is nothing worse than making a mental note to buy a record on preorder, forgetting and then realising its sold out. Ebay is ruthless and punching your knee to inflict pain for the lapse will not bring that record back. I posited the idea to some of my regular customers, and it was met with an almighty “YES!!!” It’s a way to take the admin out of buying the stuff and a hefty financial saving too! postpopcollection For those of you that buy everything, always, you will rejoice! For those of you new to POST/POP, what better way to start your collection? Each subscription option comes with special bonus gifts so you get even more bang for your buck! Talking of bucks, one of the main problems about being in the UK is the crippling shipping costs to the USA. Well, I have wiped out that cost, because if … Continue Reading ››

The Top 10 Cassette Store Day 2014 UK Releases

  Running a record label is hard work. You have to deal with people telling you that vinyl is old news, and that only anoraks collect it, and to get with the times, and you get force fed articles about independent record shops being closed down every other day. Imagine what it feels like to be a Tape Label. You not only feel the disdain of the general public, but you get looked down upon by the vinyl collectors (AND some record shops) for wanting to release things on a format most people consider "dead". FUCK THEM. Do what you want to do as long as you enjoy it and it isn't hurting anyone else, and to me, thats what Cassette Store Day is. Yes it's essentially a pun on Record Store Day, but its also the one day a year when the little tape labels out there get to lift their heads up (from their shoes) when walking down the street, look a stranger directly in the eye and say "Hi, that tape you just bought... I made that!" So this very morning, on the second ever Cassette Store Day, I woke up early and headed down to Rough Trade East … Continue Reading ››



TWO albums in one!

  This year, more than most, I have become obsessed with certain songs. Obsessed to the point where I listen to a song on repeat for half a day until the lyrics become meaningless and the music is less music and more the sound of my heartbeat wowing and fluttering until sleep brings me sweet relief. This happened, quite suddenly with the M&O song “Jimi Savannah”. I first heard it while scouring the depths of the internet for new music to populate my radio show (I no longer do my radio show btw, in case you’ve been tuning in on Sundays!) and often tried to find excuses to play it twice on the same show. I then found out that M&O had an album with this song on it called “The Joy” and it fast became one of my standard go-to albums for when I needed guaranteed audio quality. But lo, what’s this? They have another album that preceded, called “Almost Us” and it features multiple guest appearances including Chance The Rapper? Amazing! Let’s stop here … Continue Reading ››

“Back To The Fuck Yeah!” CSD Tape Compilation ft. ASH/Everything Everything/Johnny Foreigner/We Are Scientists/Dutch Uncles and lots of POST/POP faves!

BUY THE TAPE HERE! CHARITY MIXTAPE FOR THE MICHAEL J. FOX FOUNDATION POST/POP X SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE Back in 2006 I started a record label called Pop Will Prevail. The first 3 releases were split 7" singles with Science Fiction Theatre, run by friend and professional northerner Michael Coates. Fast Forward 8 years and that's the blueprint for this compilation album. Coincidentally, 2 of the aforementioned releases feature bands on this particular tape, just with slightly different names! (Apple eyes / Dutch Uncles) TapePoster I'm just going to rest my fingers for a second while I cut and paste the press release which says it all:
Twice now Science Fiction Theatre Records have put on some of the most fun and entertaining charity gigs in Manchester to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research and they back with two very special shows this year, one in London and one in Manchester. To accompany these charity gigs, SFT Records have teamed up with POST/POP Records of London to release a very special limited editionmixtape featuring album tracks, live recordings and remixes by some of our favourite bands including Metz, The Joy Formidable, Everything … Continue Reading ››

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