PEACH CLUB are the type of band that make me love that I have my own label. It means that I get to put out music that excites me, music that feels fresh and important and LOUD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… what do they put in the water in Norwich? It’s getting to the point where I might as well move POST/POP HQ from the capital to sunny Norwich as it will save on emails.


Katie Revell, Amanda MacKinnon, Rebecca Wren and Charlie Hart are back again with an EP that’s almost too incendiary to commit to tape without having to have a qualified fire marshal on standby, ready to lead you down the fire escape to the relative safety of a nearby car park. Lead single ‘Cherry Baby’ is a 60s kitchen-sink drama through a 21st century lens and it genuinely nearly blew my speakers here at POST/POP. If you weren’t already convinced these women were the real deal, then ‘Bad Bitch’ is the clincher. Its a mission statement to humankind that Peach Club are coming for you and there is no escape.


Cherry Baby EP is available right now and RIGHT HERE.


You can find out more about this brilliant band in these places:


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As well as doing tapes for my own label – POST/POP – some of you know I also often make tapes for the bigger labels. If you’ve bought a tape from a big band in the chart, it’s almost certain it’s gone through this little label. I am very selective about the bands I do tapes for though and even more selective about the bands I allow my logo on (The POST/POP wolf is a mark of quality, like lions on eggs! Like lions on eggs!).

Step forward ROYAL BLOOD. One of the most successful British bands of recent years, whose self-titled debut album reached Number one a few years ago are back with their follow up record ‘How Did We Get So Dark’.

This release was always going to be a big deal, so I wanted to do something extra special. Something I haven’t done before. Everyone loved the GOLD tapes I did for GUNSHIP (Waiting for that follow up guys!) so I’d always wanted to do Chrome/Mirrored cassettes. I chose Royal Blood to be the band that get these babies and just look at them… Absolutely beautiful!

I’m not sure any photos or videos can do them the justice of holding it in your hands and watching it catch the light in the most satisfying way. It also sounds superb – recorded in real time for the best quality – and to perfectly compliment that amazing raw sound Royal Blood have been so successful with.

As you can imagine, these chrome tapes are very very limited edition and due to how big this band is, will disappear very quickly. The album was released on June 16th and promptly went straight in at number 1 in the UK album charts! This is a first for POST/POP but there have been some close calls. In the next week I will be exploring some of the other tapes that POST/POP has done for Major labels that may have passed you by.

You can get these direct from the band at this link and they will be shipped out immediately:

Don’t say I never do anything for you!




In 2012, Ariel Pink and R. Stevie Moore released an incredible collaboration which was a culmination of years of friendship and mutual admiration. While Ariel is known as a cassette tape aficionado, R. Stevie Moore is legit the Godfather of DIY Taping. I’ve already pitched my tent in the swamps of love for RSM when I released ‘Teenage Spectacular’ (for my money, the best RSM record) on tape last year, but wanted to tackle something else. After RSM gave me the go ahead to release another album, I cast my eye – greedily – over RSM’s back catalogue and of course the collaboration with Ariel caught my eye.




This was a 63 track album of catchy-weirdness, propagated by stabs of unrequited love, slices of life and then some sublime jams. RSM asked Ariel and when I got the thumbs up I realised that nobody had ever put out a cassette with 63 tracks on. Yes, those rave tapes from the 90s that came in a gatefold clamshell package with gawdy illustrations of girls in croptops  had a hundred “songs”, but this was wildly different. “I look forward to seeing how you split this” came the daunting words from RSM and it was mostly the same experience as making a mixtape for someone you care about. You make sure that each side is roughly the same length, with the preceding side being slightly longer so there is no gap at the end, you carefully label the j-card so its legible, and then you give it a big kiss and spin around 3 times, you know, for luck.



So here I present to you the FULL version of Ku Klux Glam in all its glory for the first time ever. If you’re buying from the US, I’d recommend you buy straight from RSM on his bandcamp. It will be cheaper for you as shipping is a killer. If you’re buying from the UK then I’m your man. If you hate the internet, go into a Rough Trade store and pick it up from their tape racks! By nature, this is limited edition so be fast or be disappointed!


<3 JED

POST/POP’s 50th release is… R. Stevie Moore’s CLASSIC 1987 album ‘Teenage Spectacular’

image2 (1)

When I started this little label, I had two firm ideas what I wanted to achieve with it. 1: Release bands that I love. 2: Release those bands on the format I love, tapes. As long as I stick to those rules I know magical things can happen, because when has blindly doing something for love without fear of consequence ever got anyone into trouble? Never right? So here I am, with my 50th release and its a goddamn monster. It’s a re-release of what’s considered one of the best albums by THE GODFATHER OF CASSETTES himself, R. STEVIE MOORE1987’s ‘TEENAGE SPECTACULAR’!

RSM is a true inspiration and a stone cold legend in both  music and cassette culture; releasing over 400 albums on myriad formats, since 1968, establishing the CASSETTE CLUB (a proto-POST/POP!) releasing his albums via mail order, directly to fans (which included massive RSM fan, Ariel Pink) and furthering the appeal of tapes to many.




The intimacy of the artist, recording an album at home, duplicating it onto a tape, putting that into an envelope and sending it to a fan is as rare as a decent sounding mp3. That connection with the artist adds so many more layers to the music when you are holding a tangible rectangle of hard work and love in your adoring hands. The xmas-like act of opening the case, your first touch of the plastic as you turn the tape to side A, the placing of the tape into a Walkman, the sound of the closing of the door, the click when you press play, the slight hiss as you wait a second for the first song to start, the pulling out of the j-card and unfurling with both sweaty hands, your eyes darting for information across the j-card as you listen to the music, making connections between words and sounds and images and feelings… this is why tapes will never die. This is why bands and artists will always want to emulate something that RSM has been doing since the 60s. If you want to make your music mean something to fans – besides disposable chewing gum pop – you give them all those feelings above, with the knowledge that a true music fan will appreciate that you went to the effort.


I am very happy that POST/POP has a little part to play in the epic saga that is the musical career of one of the most influential and important musicians in alt-music. All hail R. Stevie Moore!

You can buy ‘Teenage Spectacular’ on cassette from Friday, August  26th 2016 by clicking on this sentence!

If you want to buy the digital, please go to RSM’s bandcamp and buy it from there, where you can find all of his albums at reasonable prices. I hope to release more tapes with RSM, so if you’re a fan and never seen POST/POP before, keep checking back or sign up to the mailing list over there on the right.

Find out more about RSM in these places:



heres to the next 50!




p.s. Thank you to Charlotte Lindèn Ercoli Coe aka Charles, who put RSM and I together on this collab. She is good people and an awesome artist.



Recreations aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly // Live on Southend Pier EP


On Sunday 2nd of October, Sam Duckworth aka Recreations aka Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly, played a triumphant hometown gig at the end of Southend Pier. I would have been in attendance anyway as Sam was playing ‘Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’ – simply one of the greatest British albums of the 21st century – but I was there with an ulterior motive. This magical gig was being recorded for posterity and then released less than a week later for Cassette Store Day!


“But Jed, how is it possible that you can record a gig on a Sunday night, mix it for tape, dub it, sort the artwork, have it delivered and be ready for Cassette Store Day which *checks watch* is only 5 days later?” I hear you ask. Well, that’s the beauty of the format and why so many labels and bands have turned to it in the last few years. The viability of the format is closely linked to its ability to capture a moment and then share that moment very quickly after. If we tried to do this on vinyl, we may, at a push, have something ready for XMAS. Cassettes bring us closer to the artist, not only by being able to experience their intention faster, but by giving you something tangible to hold and feel and keep. This was an experiment which proved in certain circumstances, tapes are the only way to go.


There is no digital download for this EP as I want to keep it solely cassette only as Sam is releasing a full Live album some time next year with all the songs on it. It’s definitely worth getting though as it includes some choice banter between songs from Sam, where he chides his parents for wearing “all of the merch” he has ever produced!



The tape was launched on Cassette Store Day at Jen Long’s (who created the day itself) event at Lion Coffee and Records in London, where Sam played all the songs from the tape and a few other classics. It was ace! Below is Sam, Jen and I after a solid week of planning this tape, from gig to CSD and it was more than worth the effort we put in!


Recreations is currently on tour in the following places and I urge you to go check him out! I know POST/POP sells a lot of tapes in Germany, so I’m looking at you guys to go and support  this tour. Turn up, sing loud and buy his merch!


Date Time Venue
Fri 21 Oct 19:30 Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate  
Fri 25 Nov 19:30 Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
Sat 26 Nov 19:30 Zombie Shack, Manchester
Thu 1 Dec 19:30 Druckluft, Oberhausen, Germany
Fri 2 Dec 19:30 Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
Sun 4 Dec 19:30 Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
Mon 5 Dec 19:30 Kassablanca, Jena, Germany
Tue 6 Dec 19:30 Gleis 22, Münster, Germany
Wed 7 Dec 19:30 Sudhaus, Tübingen, Germany
Thu 8 Dec 19:30 Das Bett, Frankfurt, Germany
Sat 10 Dec 19:30 Lucky Luke, Trier, Germany
Sun 11 Dec 19:30 Rossli, Bern, Switzerland
Mon 12 Dec 19:30 Eldorado, Zurich, Switzerland
Tue 13 Dec 19:30 Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany
Wed 14 Dec 19:30 Knust, Hamburg, Germany
Thu 15 Dec 19:30 Tower, Bremen, Germany
Fri 16 Dec 19:30 Alter Schlachthof, Lingen, Germany

and next year we should be re-releasing ‘Chronicles’ on a special tape so that will be one of my life goals achieved! Find out more about Sam and Recreations in the following places.

Hope you enjoy the tape!



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