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HETTIE was the artist that has the distinct pleasure of being the first cassette POST/POP released. Since then, she has been working on her first EP with producer Kenny Lee. It’s called “NEVERLOVE” and will be out in June on tape AND ltd edition vinyl Picuredisc! Yep, POST/POP is doing a Picturedisc. I know I’m excited.


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It was a normal day. I did my usual sound-dump of songs I’ve been recommended, sent, found, onto my phone (yes, I know, not exactly the way audio should be heard for the first time) and made my way home across london. For those of you not from our beautiful capital city, you may not know the particular sense of dread you get from stepping onto a tube at approx 5.30pm in Canary Wharf. It’s like that film ‘The Warriors‘ but the only gangs are ‘The Suits’ and their weapon of choice? Brylcreem covered Dre Beats. Now I have nothing against this particular brand of headphone, but the sound escape is incredible. It’s like being in a rainforest, as you just don’t quite know where the sound is coming from, but the nearer you get, the worse you feel. So I’m surrounded but the gentle tinny hiss of a thousand identikit guys who have just discovered Drake and I set my phone to shuffle. This is a mildly dangerous thing, as the music I tend to listen to is eclectic to say the least, but I suddenly realised that today wasn’t going to be like any other, today is the day I discovered OH VILLAGE. And so you can interact with this memory, listen to that very track ‘Give They Fears’ right now as you read on!


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Ltd Edition Self-Titled EP for LA’s BEGINNERS – OUT NOW!

It’s been a great summer for incredible pop songs. BEGINNERS have managed to fight their way to my “amazing pop songs that came out of nowhere list 2014”. This self-titled EP is a trojan horse of superbly-crafted earworm-cultivating pop gems that just get better the more you listen. It’s the unforgettable “Who Knows” that you might have heard of before as you’ve browsed gossip hound Perez Hilton‘s site or maybe you know the song from seeing THIS VIDEO on Huffington Post of a man dancing backwards.



BEGINNERS are Samantha Barbera – Vocals/Bass, Neeraj Kane – Guitar (Keys) and Jason Walker on Drums and they are based in LA. The best thing I can do is point you toward the video to their song “Who Knows” so you get the idea of why I’m releasing this little tape for them!

This self-titled EP is limited to 100 tapes. POST/POP has 50 that’s available in the shop and Samantha has 50 which you should be able to get from the band when they tour (I think they are going to be in europe later this year too!)

Have a look at how lovely the tape looks. Samantha wanted them to be transparent black and I’ve not made tapes with those shells before, but they came out SO good.


Buy the tape while there’s still some left by clicking on THIS LINK, or on the picture of HETTIE on the right that says “SHOP” on it! You can also buy it by walking into Rough Trade. You can find out more about BEGINNERS by clicking on the below links:




You can also buy the digital version of this EP (you know, if for some reason you’re not keen on tapes!) by visiting the BEGINNERS itunes:



hope you enjoy it guys!



p.s. this is the last POST/POP tape of the summer. Yes, there will be no tapes in August but there WILL be POST/POP tshirts! Why is there a break? because I am saving them all up for Cassette Store Day on September 27th where there will be 5 or 6 releases on one day! Very special releases from some of the biggest bands around today. There will be no preorder for these tapes, and they will be available in all good record stores and this site!


KIITES EP “The Disguise” Out Tomorrow, MAY 10th!

Afternoon, you may remember that I wrote about this release here: http://postpoprecords.com/2014/04/03/kiitesintro/

Now see the beautiful limited edition tapes with your eyes!


and the artwork close up! I either put Mikey Glenister on the spine to suggest that he is the “spine of the band“, or perhaps it was the only way everyone could fit. Also, If you put lot of the tapes together it looks like a Mikey Glenister army of clones, hell-bent on forcing you to stare into the middle-distance… or else.



You can see them live tomorrow at The Nest in Dalston, where you can buy these lovely tapes. Check out the KIITES FB for more deets: https://www.facebook.com/Kiites

Order ONLINE: https://postpoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/kiites-ep


Keep it POST/POP!