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HETTIE // NEVERLOVE from Jed Shepherd on Vimeo.

Artist: HETTIE

Directed by Jed Shepherd
Written by HETTIE
Performed by HETTIE
Produced by Kenny Lee

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HETTIE was the first artist I released a tape for through POST/POP and it’s all been heading towards this release. HETTIE wrong The NEVERLOVE ep to capture the essence of what its like to be a teenage girl in 2015, the highs and lows, the beautiful and the ridiculous, but most of all the hope for the future.

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You can read all on the newly launched website WWW.HETTIESTEINMORE.COM where a little documentary and acoustic set will also be available very soon. You can listen to the whole EP on the website too.

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NEVERLOVE is available in a crazy amount of formats. Of course you have the format that you love best… CASSETTE TAPE (£5), but you also have the option of a 12″ Vinyl Picture disc this time around. Its currently £9.99 for those that pre-order before the release date of July 25th, and will rise up a few quid on release.  You can also save a few quid if you buy the tape and vinyl bundle (£13).

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I loved this EP so much, I also directed the music video! (stay tuned for about 50 music vids from me in the next few weeks!) I’m relaly proud of it in a pseudo-Truffaut kinda way. It’s also one of the few music videos I’ve shot lately that does not feature monsters, but I promsie the next one will be!



Grab it on all formats and share the video where you can!


Thanks lots, Im really proud of this one.




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