ness // A Second To Think EP – Out June 15th!

What I have in my hand right now is a plastic rectangle. Inside this plastic rectangle is magnetic tape. Recorded onto that tape is an EP of music so genuine, it should come with a certificate of authenticity. The fact I can hold the “A Second to Think” EP from New York duo NESS in my hand, is somewhat akin to that of Thor, grasping Mjolnir. The humble cassette tape is almost as mythical as a Marvel’s favourite deus ex machina, and by all contemporary thinking, shouldnt really exist. Not anymore anyway. Yet here I am, In the summer of 2015, holding this ness cassette tape aloft, watching the light bounce off the transparent shell and make patterns on the carpet that shouldnt exist pass the mid-90s. But it does. One of the best new bands in the world (in my opinion), can only sound better when played on this format. I’m fantastically biased of course, but buy the tape and prove me wrong!


“So who are these guys Jed” I hear you tweet, well… *fades to official bio description*

N e s s are a songwriting and production duo formed by Jesse Weisberg (21) and Ethan Peck (23). About two years ago, Ethan, who had long been writing songs, heard Jesse’s singing voice while playing Rockband and convinced him to take up the guitar and start singing seriously. With little prior music experience aside from the trumpet, Jesse taught himself guitar and began writing songs in a matter of months. By then, Jesse and Ethan started playing together, recording countless voice memos of live sessions until they realized that there was a natural songwriting dynamic worth pursuing. The two began experimenting in Ethan’s basement on Logic with a usb microphone and a broken mandolin that Ethan haggled from a beach peddler– the product was ‘Behind the Couch.’ Excited by the creative process of writing, recording, and producing, Jesse and Ethan continued to write more songs and develop their sound.


N e s s takes influence from artists such as Coldplay, Vampire Weekend, alt-J, Frightened Rabbit, HAIM, The National, and Passion Pit to name a few. N e s s’s affinity to alternative music and appreciation for acoustic and electronic sound alike is evident in their recordings. Although their influences are clearly present, creative production and unique songwriting style makes them sound more like themselves than anyone else.

The duo has since come a long way in terms of recording and performing, playing shows at PIANOS NYC, Rockwood Music Hall, The Bowery Electric, and most recently at The Studio at Webster Hall for the release show of their debut EP, “A Second to Think” which they released independently via cd and digital download. Similar to their earlier demos, the EP was written and recorded entirely on a laptop in Ethan’s basement.




There are 100 tapes in total, 50 with POST/POP in the UK and 50 with ness over in America. You can buy it from either one of us and also if you manage to catch ness play live, Im sure they will have some of these beauties at your friendly neighbourhood merch stand.


Head over to the POST/POP/SHOP right now to pre-order (if its before the 15th) or order (if its after the 15th!).


You can find out more about ness in these places and you should //





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