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The brand new single from the best Japanese girl-band that has a Racoon as a drummer! YES, its POST/POP fave, NO CARS! This is the third release we have done for NO CARS and wont be the last. They are just the best live band in london, and this single is the best translation of that energy onto a rectangle possible.


In other exciting news, I also directed the music video… and WHAT A VIDEO! The premise is “what would happen if NO CARS starred in a Japanese Karaoke video in the 1980s, but then a spaceship landed and an alien Raccoon tried to steal their CRESS, but then they developed psycho-kinetic powers from eating too much cress, and fought the Raccoon to the death?” This is the sexy result.

NO CARS // CRESS (Official Video) from Jed Shepherd on Vimeo.

This cassette comes in a delightfully green shell, the real colour of the cress found in the forest of Japan + you will get a REAL packet of Cress with it! Yes, you too can now grow your own cress, in the comfort of your own home OR office! You can watch your cress grow while listening to No Cars serenade you with their song ‘CRESS’.


If you can make it to london tonight (September 4th), NO CARS are playing a free gig at the South Bank Centre and if you go, not only can you buy the tape, but you also get to see me! Also HETTIE will be there too so you can high-five her and then go buy her EP!

Please note: If you listen to the song so much, you actually do get “hooked on my cress”, please do not blame POST/POP. Cress consumption should not be taken lightly and may lead to Salad abuse.


You can find out more about NO CARS by typing their name into google along with the word “band” or by using these links!

got another tape out on Monday so stay tuned! (especially if you like HIP-HOP)




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