You may remember when POST/POP released a Double A side single for PEPA KNIGHT a few months ago. You may have even bought it. If so, you will be one of the many people who have been positively frothing at the ear (is that a thing?) for more PEPA, and it’s about time we wiped that froth from your… ear. Luckily PEPA KNIGHT is better at producing incredible music, than I am with analogies, so here he is with the winter-busting HYPNOTIZED VOL. 1!


This is what I thought about ‘Rahh!’ and ‘Clams’ //

but what about the rest of Vol.1? Well you know how in the A-Team you have a bunch of guys who bring something different to the table and use those differences to reach a common goal? That’s this album. You have Rahh! which is the natural leader of the group, bringing the whole plan together. You have ‘Clams’ the pretty one, which at first you think is all surface, before you hear the layers and layers of pop that elevate the track to something far more than expected. You have “Coyote Choir” which I’m branding as the ‘misunderstood’ one as every time I listen to it, I hear something new and unexpected. Something even more beautiful than the previous listen. You also have the bombastic “Hypnotized” which is like a punch in the face of POP, and presumably would need to be chloroformed to get on a “damn plane”. “Fortress” and “Desert Guide” are like wonderful cameos that lift the rest of the album to new pop heights with PEPA’s further exploration of world music and it’s place on a 21st Century pop album.


What we have here is the complete antithesis of an identikit-garageband-x-factor pop act. It takes a brave man to put tribal drums and a sitar front and centre on a pop song without a single wink or tongue in cheek. It’s the dedication to do something different in an industry where that kind of thinking is frowned upon, that I respect most about PEPA. He not only manages to do this, but wraps up his eastern influences with a western blanket that allows to those nuances to be nurtured and come alive. I feel like Hypnotized Vol. 1 will be the gateway drug to alot of World music for most people. I had friends tell me “I didn’t know I liked this kind of music until I heard Rahh!” and it’s this kind of comment that fills me with complete joy and hope that we will hear more bands attempt something a little different. It’s the only way for music to evolve, and if msic is not evolving, then it is stagnant and dead. PEPA KNIGHT is keeping the flame alive.

look at this lovely artwork by PEPA KNIGHT!


You can preorder HYPNOTIZED VOL.1 from POST/POP NOW! Here is the link:


this isn’t on the album, but this collab with Japanese Wallpaper is incredible!


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