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This is where – with the help of /r/cassetteculture – I will list every tape label from around the world. Mostly because nobody has ever made a definitive list based on geography before and it’s about time it happened. You can google all day long, but you might miss out on some incredible releases from labels right in your town. Right now I am going to break it into 4 sections, but will expand as this list grows.


POST/POP ( – This is the site you are on right now! We release music that we think is essential but always with a touch of fun. Big on collaborations and on a mission to spread cassette culture to the masses once again. Recent releases include HETTIE, Emily Capell and No Cars. Based in London, England but serving the worldwide cassette community!

Tape Club Records ( – the first thing that springs to mind with this tape label, also from London, England is QUALITY. Their tapes look great, they promote live music and if you are based in the UK and you want to get your hands on some of the best new music we have to offer, look no further. Recent releases include Laurel Collective, Deafkid and Emperor Yes.

Little League Records ( – Representing the Irish, this label features a cassette club where you can pay a subscription to receive tapes across the year. Recent releases include The Night Wars, Kopori Tombo, EifiE and Lune Kiri.

Liquid Library ( – Quirky tapes for quirky people. I particularly love the Tremelo Ghosts release and the label’s motto is “LO-FI TIL WE DIE” which is basically what we are al about.

LightningHeart Records ( – The link to the left is the only release so far for this Birmingham (UK) based label but what a great first entry. Pink tapes as your first tape? CHECK. Keep an eye on this lot, I’m expecting big things.

Get Into It ( – Based in Newcastle, UK (where my dad is from!) is a classy little outfit who not only release tapes, but fanzines and pretty CDs too. Very swish!

Art is Hard ( I love these guys. They release music they <3 on “odd” formats. They have a cassette club where you can get screenprinted pizza boxes and they also have a tape that is accompanied by a scarf. Their releases are a thing of beauty and they are the second best thing about Exeter (after that amazing funfair museum!)

Third Kind Records ( – Brighton’s Third Kind Records released 3 albums in September 2013 and I am waiting for them to appear once again. Great looking tapes for great looking people.

Blue Tapes ( – Another great Brighton label who probably have the most cohesive sense of tape label design I’ve seen from a UK label. They offer a subscription service for regular tape deliveries and the label just has a sense that these people really know what they are doing. If I had a third thumb, that would be up with my other two right now.

Zam Zam Rec (Bristol)

Opal Tapes (Manchester)

Tombed Visions (Manchester)

Tesla Tapes (Manchester)



Graveyard Orbit ( – A brilliant label from Austin, Texas. Recent releases include BLSHS, Taz and the /r/cassetteculture compilation “Space Junk” for Cassette Store Day. Highly recommended.

Ritual Tapes ( – Straight out of Lafayette, this label gets extra points from me for releasing the Geodesics EP ( Seriously, listen to it! There are plenty of other bands to choose from though and all on brilliantly realised cassette tapes.

Godless America ( – GA hails from Orlando, Florida and they are home to one of the best bands that I’ve recently discovered and who are also appearing on the Choose Your Own Adventure (PXP006) album! Thats ‘Girls on the Beach’ and they make surf music for people who don’t like surf music. Check out their store as soon as you can!

Half-Gifts ( – This isn’t just a tape label from Erlanger, Kentucky; they also make an important fanzine that is flying the flag for cassette cuture. In it’s pages you will find interviews with bands that are knee-deep in the tape scene and art! They also do 3-tape box sets which I need to remember to copy 🙂

Eat Tapes ( – Representing St. Louis, Missouri, Eat Tapes are releasing tapes for bands such as Burrowss (my particular band of choice on this label), Bruiser Queen and Kelly Latimore.


Norwegian Blue ( – Don’t let the name fool, you! This label as Canadian as they come (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada to be exact) and feature a recent release from Mormon Girls.

If you have a label that has had tape releases, let me know and I will add you to the list!

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