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New album from NO CARS released on POST/POP and its called…

(limited edition of 50 purple cassette tapes)


Yes, thats what its called and I love them for it. You see, No Cars aren’t the type of band to shy away from japanese stereotypes. They are the type of band to take those very same Japanese Stereotypes and shove it down your kaiju-loving face.

So in this sophmore effort, No Cars have taken the general concept of the first record (YOKO EATS WHALES) – which is of course, Japanese girls being crazy, smashing things up, searching for Bowie, and how people are bitches if they don’t make you tea – and amplify it, creating a super-heightened version of reality where No Cars hang out with terribly abused sentient puppets (james anderson puppet), watch people having sex on hay bales (do re mi farming), celebrate how great cress is, finally! (cress) and also about how english guys are obsessed with japanese girls (jap trap). Are we? Probably. They always have such cool kicks.


For this release though, they now have a guy in the band called “Candy Tanaka” aka Will Kwerk, who brilliantly voices the pain of the aforementioned puppet (james anderson puppet) as the girls kick him down the street, for no real reason at all besides he is alive.

No Cars feel like that kind of band you would make up to impress some identikit hipster girl, before realising that as you are saying it out loud, you wish the band existed and the girl didn’t…. but they exist!


I am so pleased that they reworked “Tuna” on this album. It’s been a live favourite since day one and didnt make it on the debut album, but here is the video to it from the original version:

The new version on the album is twice the speed and twice the frolics, but you really have to seem them live to get the full effect.

Listen to the new songs below:

I’ve been obsessed with this band for years and lead singer Haruna needs to be held aloft as a fucking pioneer of trying to make people happy with music. The band is an inspiration to all other bands out there and if you are reading this and you are in a band yourself, listen to this album and convince your bandmates that you want to go in a Japanese direction. If they throw you out, start a No Cars cover band called “Really No Cars” or “Yes Cars“.

They are having an album launch party/gig at PAPER DRESS in london (http://paperdressvintage.co.uk/) on May 7th 2014 and not only will I be there, but HETTIE is supporting! She will be debuting tons of new songs so it really will be a great night. Did I mention it was FREE? You can buy the CDs and tapes from the band at the gig or…








POST/POP to release new MENSWE@R single “CRASH” on May 26th – PREORDER NOW!

PREORDER NOW – http://postpoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/crash


You know that situation? That situation when you are idly walking along the dusty rails of a long-forgotten Ghost Train ride, and you find a hastily ripped up love-letter that has the faint odour of Christmas Crackers, and as you read the tale of unrequited love between a girl and the concept of Love itself, you decide that from this moment, you will make it your life mission to find this girl and show her via MS Paint that she was right all along, that LOVE really does exist… and that’s when you realise; it’s you. You are the girl. You wrote this letter on a train to Hastings, to distract yourself from the job you hate and the friends that nod and the gentleman sitting next to you who is filling Sudoku squares with co-ordinates to who-knows-where, and now you are here. In the Ghost Train. Alone, but laughing in a Ghost Train. But you are happy and you know you can never leave the ghost train now, but why would you want to because all of your friends have just shown up and they are calling your name, and the guy from the train to Hastings is also here and then at last, the personification of the concept of LOVE turns up and it knows your name and when you go to give it a hug, it smells like Summer AND Cherry Coke. You know that situation? I do. That’s how I feel about releasing “CRASH” the brand new single from Menswe@r and their first for 18 years.


I will be writing a lot more about it in the next couple of months, but just wanted to give you all a heads up of that fact it is happening! The new single is released on multiple formats on May 26th and you will be able to pre-order the Ltd Edition vinyl and cassette tape on POST/POP (and Rough Trade) very very soon.


On March 26th I went to their sold out gig at The Bush Hall in London and was met with lots of posters with the POST/POP logo on (I like this. I want this to happen more often) and here it is…



There’s going to be lots of noise on the Menswe@r “comeback” and that’s fair enough. I am incredibly happy that they are releasing new music, and the new material previewed at Bush Hall is possibly the best stuff Mr Johnny Dean has ever written in my opinion. I won’t bore everyone with BRITPOP 101 save to say that Menswe@r are one of the first bands you think about when you hear that word. If you need to know anything else then use these links!





I have a feeling I’m going to be writing about Menswe@r a lot, so know that you’ll see a music video and some more gigs announced soon.



So that date again, MAY 26TH – THE NEW SINGLE “CRASH” FROM MENSWEAR. PREORDER NOW: http://postpoprecords.bandcamp.com/album/crash