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San Cisco // Gracetown – Ltd Edition Cassette drops July 6th!


EDIT: (The band’s lot of tapes were sold out in a couple of hours today, so these are the only ones left on the planet! BUY NOW)

I’ve had some really good luck with discovering Australian bands. First up was the incomparably awesome PEPA KNIGHT, and since then, I have been on the lookout for another group of beautiful misfits from the furthest place away I can think of. Step forward San Cisco and the gloriously indie-pop ‘Gracetown’ album. Man, these guys know exactly what a chorus is, and make sure we don’t forget it. Incredibly radio-friendly Vampire Weekend-esque pop with bigger hooks than Candyman working part-time at a fishing shop; San Cisco are like a tonic to my tired ears. I’ve also just realised that I am totally projecting this band as a slightly older version of PUGWALL 🙂 “Morning to Midnight…. cha cha cha”

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