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Recreations aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly // Live on Southend Pier EP


On Sunday 2nd of October, Sam Duckworth aka Recreations aka Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly, played a triumphant hometown gig at the end of Southend Pier. I would have been in attendance anyway as Sam was playing ‘Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’ – simply one of the greatest British albums of the 21st century – but I was there with an ulterior motive. This magical gig was being recorded for posterity and then released less than a week later for Cassette Store Day!


“But Jed, how is it possible that you can record a gig on a Sunday night, mix it for tape, dub it, sort the artwork, have it delivered and be ready for Cassette Store Day which *checks watch* is only 5 days later?” I hear you ask. Well, that’s the beauty of the format and why so many labels and bands have turned to it in the last few years. The viability of the format is closely linked to its ability to capture a moment and then share that moment very quickly after. If we tried to do this on vinyl, we may, at a push, have something ready for XMAS. Cassettes bring us closer to the artist, not only by being able to experience their intention faster, but by giving you something tangible to hold and feel and keep. This was an experiment which proved in certain circumstances, tapes are the only way to go.


There is no digital download for this EP as I want to keep it solely cassette only as Sam is releasing a full Live album some time next year with all the songs on it. It’s definitely worth getting though as it includes some choice banter between songs from Sam, where he chides his parents for wearing “all of the merch” he has ever produced!



The tape was launched on Cassette Store Day at Jen Long’s (who created the day itself) event at Lion Coffee and Records in London, where Sam played all the songs from the tape and a few other classics. It was ace! Below is Sam, Jen and I after a solid week of planning this tape, from gig to CSD and it was more than worth the effort we put in!


Recreations is currently on tour in the following places and I urge you to go check him out! I know POST/POP sells a lot of tapes in Germany, so I’m looking at you guys to go and support  this tour. Turn up, sing loud and buy his merch!


Date Time Venue
Fri 21 Oct 19:30 Ramsgate Music Hall, Ramsgate  
Fri 25 Nov 19:30 Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
Sat 26 Nov 19:30 Zombie Shack, Manchester
Thu 1 Dec 19:30 Druckluft, Oberhausen, Germany
Fri 2 Dec 19:30 Beatpol, Dresden, Germany
Sun 4 Dec 19:30 Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
Mon 5 Dec 19:30 Kassablanca, Jena, Germany
Tue 6 Dec 19:30 Gleis 22, Münster, Germany
Wed 7 Dec 19:30 Sudhaus, Tübingen, Germany
Thu 8 Dec 19:30 Das Bett, Frankfurt, Germany
Sat 10 Dec 19:30 Lucky Luke, Trier, Germany
Sun 11 Dec 19:30 Rossli, Bern, Switzerland
Mon 12 Dec 19:30 Eldorado, Zurich, Switzerland
Tue 13 Dec 19:30 Blue Shell, Cologne, Germany
Wed 14 Dec 19:30 Knust, Hamburg, Germany
Thu 15 Dec 19:30 Tower, Bremen, Germany
Fri 16 Dec 19:30 Alter Schlachthof, Lingen, Germany

and next year we should be re-releasing ‘Chronicles’ on a special tape so that will be one of my life goals achieved! Find out more about Sam and Recreations in the following places.

Hope you enjoy the tape!



Indian Summer // Indian Summer EP – Out May 5th 2015

When I think of Coventry, I think of of Delia Derbyshire. She was the underrated genius at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop that plucked the Doctor Who theme song out of the ether and created the most recognisable theme song of all time. Half a century or so later, Coventry has done it again. INDIAN SUMMER is a little less theremin, a little more Shoegaze, and I have been reading about them on music blogs for the last few months. Have a listen!

There is always a frantic battle to claim good new bands as your own. Blogs claim to be the first to spotlight certain bands as a way of justifying their existence, because whats the point of running a music blog if you half a step behind the next guy right? Well in this case I have to thank Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist (BIRP!) for introducing me to Indian Summer, featuring them on their monthly playlist quite a few times recently, so thank you!

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Like most people, I hate Manchester United. They make it really easy to hate them. So it came as a complete shock to me how much I love a song about the former United player, Paul Tierney. I want to hate that song as much as I do the team he formally played for, but its impossible. If a track can make me renege on my very firm belief system, then it’s got to be something bloody special. and it is.


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SO, I came back from the Weezer Cruise (it was incred btw) and found an email in my inbox instructing me to kindly stop using the name and likeness of the CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURES books. I can understand why they would threaten legal action against a little tape label. I would be scared too. I still love them though. ALOT. Those books kept my imagination fertile and has much to do with the person I am today. It introduced me to all manner of magical things and taught me that uncertainty is the key to making a story interesting.

So let’s make the story interesting.

I put it to the bands involved in this album what we should rename it and there were many great suggestions but the most popular was actually the first one I gave as an alternative…


SO we had a name but the artwork was unusable now. What to do? MAKE IT BETTER. So I spoke to one of my favourite illustrators. The guy I wrote a children’s book with. A guy who is into all the same stuff I am, but has the major difference of being American! I said “Keith, I’m being threatened with legal action by one of my childhood staples. Can you help?” Keith replied “Fuck Punky Brewster Jed, Fuck her. I mean, that one 3-part episode where she met all those monsters in that cave was pretty cool, but don’t let her mess with you. Fuck Punky Brewster“. When I explained to him that it wasn’t Punky Brewster and let him calm down for an hour, I explained the situation. Through red eyes and tear-stained cheeks, he said “I think I can help you out on your quest” and sent me this…

click on image to see it close-up!

It was Norm from our kid’s book! Our ultimate embodiment of adventure. I added all the tape stuff like credits and titles and my howling wolf logo and a few little flourishes and now we have a tape cover again!


It’s time we blazed our own trail, r/cassetteculture. The adventure begins now!

you can still preorder here:

I’m excited about VOLUME 2 now!