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ness // A Second To Think EP – Out June 15th!

What I have in my hand right now is a plastic rectangle. Inside this plastic rectangle is magnetic tape. Recorded onto that tape is an EP of music so genuine, it should come with a certificate of authenticity. The fact I can hold the “A Second to Think” EP from New York duo NESS in my hand, is somewhat akin to that of Thor, grasping Mjolnir. The humble cassette tape is almost as mythical as a Marvel’s favourite deus ex machina, and by all contemporary thinking, shouldnt really exist. Not anymore anyway. Yet here I am, In the summer of 2015, holding this ness cassette tape aloft, watching the light bounce off the transparent shell and make patterns on the carpet that shouldnt exist pass the mid-90s. But it does. One of the best new bands in the world (in my opinion), can only sound better when played on this format. I’m fantastically biased of course, but buy the tape and prove me wrong!


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