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HETTIE // NEVERLOVE from Jed Shepherd on Vimeo.

Artist: HETTIE

Directed by Jed Shepherd
Written by HETTIE
Performed by HETTIE
Produced by Kenny Lee

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 11.50.44

HETTIE was the first artist I released a tape for through POST/POP and it’s all been heading towards this release. HETTIE wrong The NEVERLOVE ep to capture the essence of what its like to be a teenage girl in 2015, the highs and lows, the beautiful and the ridiculous, but most of all the hope for the future.

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ness // A Second To Think EP – Out June 15th!

What I have in my hand right now is a plastic rectangle. Inside this plastic rectangle is magnetic tape. Recorded onto that tape is an EP of music so genuine, it should come with a certificate of authenticity. The fact I can hold the “A Second to Think” EP from New York duo NESS in my hand, is somewhat akin to that of Thor, grasping Mjolnir. The humble cassette tape is almost as mythical as a Marvel’s favourite deus ex machina, and by all contemporary thinking, shouldnt really exist. Not anymore anyway. Yet here I am, In the summer of 2015, holding this ness cassette tape aloft, watching the light bounce off the transparent shell and make patterns on the carpet that shouldnt exist pass the mid-90s. But it does. One of the best new bands in the world (in my opinion), can only sound better when played on this format. I’m fantastically biased of course, but buy the tape and prove me wrong!


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The last time POST/POP had a Model Village release (2014’s “You Chose These Woes”) it ended up being one of the sounding tapes we have ever done. Chocablok full of incredible pop songs that showed no sign of relenting, so it was a shame we had to wait this long for some new tracks.


While the band are busy touring and preparing the new album (out in the Autumn and recorded metres away from the POST/POP office!) they managed to drop this EP. It’s called “Burger Party” and I can only assume it’s because thats an awesome name for an EP. Here is the official blurb:

Self-reliant sophistipop sextet Model Village return for 2015 with “Burger Party” – a 3-track EP of songs about family, pets, and unwarranted reunions.

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HETTIE was the artist that has the distinct pleasure of being the first cassette POST/POP released. Since then, she has been working on her first EP with producer Kenny Lee. It’s called “NEVERLOVE” and will be out in June on tape AND ltd edition vinyl Picuredisc! Yep, POST/POP is doing a Picturedisc. I know I’m excited.


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