Choose Your Own Adventure (PXP006): Meet The Bands – REVUE!

Welcome to the third spotlight on one of the 26 bands/artists that will appear on the POST/POP vs Cassette Culture Collaboration Compilation (PXP006). I aim to have one of these interviews every single day so by the time we release the album at the end of March you will know each band initmately! Next up is REVUE! who is less a band more a hip-hop/spoken word superstar in the making. The track on the album is ‘Public Service Announcement’ and it unpick the stitching of hip-hop and leaves an open wound for us to stick our fingers into. Here she is!

Where are you from? Somewhere exotic? Are there any nice record shops there?

My name is Revue, and I am currently residing in Ogden Utah. There are a few good spots to pick up music out in these parts.

What genre would you pigeonhole yourself into? Y’know, if I had a gun to your head! (There’s a slim chance that in the future I may have to point a gun to your head due to sleepwalking)

I’d say that I would go in the Spoken Word Poetry genre.

I’m bored of bands telling the world what their musical influences are SO, what are your non-musical influences? (people, movies, art etc)

Mostly, my non musical influences come from life experiences and books because I read a lot. I also observe a lot and study when I can.

How did you find out about this collaboration/compilation and what made you send me your songs?

I found out by seeing the post on the r/cassetteculture subreddit.  At the most, somebody would like my work, and at the least they wouldn’t, so I decided to go ahead and send something just to see what happened.  I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?


You are in a dusty room. Time hangs heavy in the air. Before you is an ancient table, carved from a twisted tree that once stood proudly atop a lost mountain. Upon this great table is a gilded envelope. You open the envelope slowly, knowing that it will give you the answer that you have been waiting for ever since you started this journey. You have lost many friends and gained untold enemies along the way. All for this. This moment. You carefully remove the parchment, feeling the edges until it draws blood. You notice not, as your eyes flicker across the page. Your blind companion, so loyal, even though you traded his eyes for safe passage and a mixtape, brings his ear close to your lips and asks you the question. “What did the letter say?” and your answer is…… 

“It says,  ‘Word on the street is that ancient platypuses spoke to the water and asked James if the checkerboard is going to get up past 7 o’clock. Plaid sweaters everywhere danced and said what the hell is wrong with you pulling my thread like that. What are you trying to do, stab my immortality!? GTFOH with that bullshit!”

And at the bottom of the letter it says the following: 

“Is it true?’ ”

Do you listen to tapes yourself? Do you think there’s a future for the format?

I just barely got into listening to tapes again. I started purchasing them recently because some of my favorite artists have made special edition packages of albums and are releasing limited batches of music that were previously unheard, or that won’t be printed again. If the artist is that good, I’ll scoop it up if the price is right.  It’s tough for me to say whether or not there is a future for the format. I think it’s too soon to tell whether or not tapes will enjoy the same longevity that vinyl has had over the years.  All I can do is throw my hat in the ring and see what happens.

What’s the one thing people should know about you before they listen to your track?

Everything I write is meant to be a conversation piece, meaning I invite people to talk about the topics and pull them apart. I want people to break down and analyze the “who”,”what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, “how” and “which-es” found in them, so feel free to spark some conversation on it.

What’s the one thing people should know after they listen to your track?

Download the rest of my work at my bandcamp page : http://revue1.bandcamp.com/.  Physicals coming soon.

Thanks Revue! Read more of the interviews from the bands on the Choose Your Own Adventure album below:

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