I want to go on record that ‘Healing Centre’ is the best MODEL VILLAGE album there is. You see, I thought the last one was the best, but turns out this one is. If I say this about their next album, please remind of this paragraph so I can reign in my adoration for a band with the specific skill of wrangling every inch of pop from a chorus, until there is nothing left but heartfelt verses of  heartbreak and the administration of a family owned business.


God I love this album, but I want to point you first toward Track 5, also known in certain circles as ‘Time To Share’ (I’ve helpfully put the whole album to stream below). Have a listen now…

You get it now right? ‘Time To Share’ sounds like what happens when you find out its the end of the world and the Queen commissions you to write a jingle to cheer up the masses and/or an Apple advert. Lily‘s voice (Lily is now the lead singer, taking over permanently from Rachel) is hard to pin down, as every now and then I hear Country twinges, Folk nuances and then the Queen’s English, but this unpredictability is what makes it special.

My favourite parts on the album is when she is flanked by Ian and Dan on songs like ‘Family Restaurant’ (middle 8 to die for btw – big fan of stellar middle 8s) which builds and builds and is so fantastically joyous by the end, you really want the restaurant in question to do well and get the customer base they deserve.



‘Junction 30’ is another standout track for me, echoing sentiments usually found in Pains of Being Pure At Heart albums, its another jangly (good work Piers!), hook-filled bonanza of a song.




Shout out to Kev on drums and Kenny on keys who admirably make up the rest of a band who should be your new favourite band by now. Also Kenny has his own album out on POST/POP soon, and it features almost EVERYONE who has ever released something on this label. Seriously, it has more “featuring…” text than that new album by ‘The Game’.


So click on this link to buy this album on cassette! You automatically get the songs for download too so you can listen even when the battery on your Walkman runs out!

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