POST/POP – The First Record Label to Accept Dogecoin as Standard.



My aim with Post/Pop is to continue to release the best music possible while having as much fun as possible. I like adventure and if you are reading this. I guess you do too. As I have been working closely with Reddit’s r/cassetteculture, it was brought to my attention that someone traded one of my tapes for DOGECOIN in r/dogemarket! I’ve read about the amazing work dogecoin did in sending the Jamaicans to the Olympics, and selling TAPES is my Olympic Games!

this is basically how dogecoin works.

SO, as well as taking normal payments, Post/Pop is also offering an alternative payment method.. DOGECOIN! Read all about what this cryptocurrency is and how it works HERE

Also read what MASHABLE has to say about the incredibly fast trajectory of this virtual currency HERE

Currently 1 doge =US$0.0012 so essentially how this will work is if you have signed up to DOGECOIN, send whatever payment you like, as long as its over £5 (a tape + postage and packaging. If you are not in the UK, maybe add a little more!) to:


and shoot me an email to with the tape you want and your name and address and its done! (if there is ann easier way, please let me know!)

If accepting DOGECOIN payments work out, in the next couple of months I will do a DOGECOIN ONLY release where I will put out tapes for a band where I will not accept anything but DOGECOIN.

You are also welcome to donate and help raise DOGECOIN’s profile within independent record labels. Or at least help this little label!

Thanks for reading and please get this message out there by reblogging, tweeting, posting to Facebook, google+ and anywhere else you can think of!

hit me up on twitter @jedshepherd if you have any questions!




Update: POST/POP is officially the first label to sell a tape using DOGECOIN in history! It’s this one!

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