HETTIE was the artist that has the distinct pleasure of being the first cassette POST/POP released. Since then, she has been working on her first EP with producer Kenny Lee. It’s called “NEVERLOVE” and will be out in June on tape AND ltd edition vinyl Picuredisc! Yep, POST/POP is doing a Picturedisc. I know I’m excited.


As that is a couple of months away, and just in case you need a HETTIE fix, here is HETTIE with “FIX”!

She has filmed a number of acoustic tracks with Aaron Blanks and will be drip feeding you these in the lead up to the EP. I am also shooting a music video soon for the lead track from “NEVERLOVE” which coincidentally is also called “NEVERLOVE”, so stay tuned for that!

subscribe to that youtube channel and I will keep you informed of HETTIE news just before the EP is released.





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