HETTIE – “Just The Way” Limited Edition Baby-Pink Cassettes (PXP001) Released FEB 1ST

POST/POP’s first release is a Limited Edition Baby-Pink Cassette Tape of HETTIE’s “Just The Way”. You get the acoustic version on Side B that will break your heart and put it back together again.

When Hettie first sent me this song it also coincided with the first time I ever met her. She was coming onto my radio show and wanted to have something to play as well as her acoustic session. I knew as soon as I heard the first 8 bars that this was something a little special.

About a week later, I got the very talented Kenny Lee to spruce up Hettie’s song into a POP GEM and this is the result!

There are only 50 of these pink tapes AND this is our first release so it’s like that these tapes will be highly sought after and very ebayable in the future. Try to keep it to two cassettes per address as I don’t want some entrepreneur buying them all up, only to sell it back to fans at extortionate prices!

I have intentionally kept the tape price as low as possible (only £3!) which basically covers the cost of production and maybe enough change for a Cherry Coke, but nobody ever released limited edition cassette tapes for the money. (Well not in the 21st Century anyway).

Find out more about HETTIE at or pretty much all over this very site!

If you one of the lucky buyers of our first release, then I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU and I hope this is the start of a beautiful set of low cost business transactions friendship!


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