Choose Your Own Adventure X /r/cassetteculture – and the 26 winners are…

If you have read this…

you will know that I recently ran a competition in collaboration with Reddit’s /r/cassetteculture to find 26 bands to feature on our joint album. The album is named ‘CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE’ for the reasons described in the above post.

It’s going to be a fantastic little tape compilation album with many unique styles, lots of different genres, spouts of genius and flashes of insanity. The tape will feature a unique short story to read while you are listening to the tape. If you read at a regular pace, it should soundtrack the story very nicely! There will be lots of lovely extras I will throw into the tape too, like stickers and maps and other things and will be limited to 50 tapes only. I realise that seems crazy for an album with 26 different artists on it, so I will see what demand is like and adjust accordingly. I’m happy with 50 though!

So the bands who will feature on the album are…. (Band Names on the right and this is in no particular order…)

Song For A Romantic Comedy -Token Lightning Foundation

Ballad of the Virtual Musician – Charles Strickland Express

Fanfare for the retired clown – Chris Ridire

Jean Jacket Blues – Girls on the Beach

Eventually America -Tremolo Ghosts

The Curtain – Pasty Cline

Breakfast With The Astronauts REDUX – Don’t Forget Your Dinosaur

Soul Stealer’s End – Night Steve

onyx -Geodesics


Public Service Announcement – Revue

93 Lumina -Jump The Blinds

Yelva – This Cold Night

Alto Sax 3 – Suburban Coconuts

I Believe in Ghosts – Happy Hill

Lookin for Hell – Shitstorm

Rooms – Queen Bee Dream

Cutting Room Floor – Plastic Indians

Visiting My Brain – Happy Front

I Am The Moss – Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

I Wouldn’t Mind – Ourselves the Elves

Ride – Masta Q

Autumn – Matthew Bedoya

Breaking Bikes AKA If Ignorance Is Bliss Then Why Am I So Unhappy? – High Adventure

City Lights Scream – Mormon Girls

No One Wants to Know – The Nomarks

I will update this post on almost a daily basis with bios and photos and more info on all of these bands. I will also try to do little interviews with them all so you know what you are getting into before you listen to the tape.

I plan to release it at the end of March and like all the other POST/POP releases will also be part of the British Library’s Archive where one tape will from each release will be placed for future generations.

This truly is a brilliant adventure for me and I hope you all join me!

What do you think?