POST/POP releases MODEL VILLAGE album “You Chose These Woes” in May

There’s a saying in these parts:

“If Kenny Lee is in a band, then your band is alright by me…”

Wise words my friends. Model Village are essentially the Avengers. A supergroup made up of ultra-talented musicians who sometimes get together and make beautiful music under the guise of a pop-folk band from Cambridge (Dan, Ian, Piers, Rachel, Kev, Kenny, Lily, Ellie and Mark are all current or former members of the residents’ committee.) Now I’m not saying any of them can fly per se, but THEIR SONGS SURE DO.*


“You Chose These Woes” is the second album from Model Village and its jam-packed full of songs that help you remember that folk needn’t be a dirty word. Some of the most catchy pop songs I’ve heard in a long time lies within and I’m particularly fond of “Walk it Off” as they came and performed it on my radio show. It was gorgeous-on-stilts and due to the power of the internet, here it is:

I just watched that and I forgot how special it was. Pardon my rather verite camera skills and my terrible joke at the end.

So the album came out earlier this year but not on the only format that counts… CASSETTE TAPE, so thats where I come in!

We have gone for MAY 8TH for the release date but you can even have a listen now. Watch my embedding skills…

You can buy it digitally and on CD through the band direct and you can preorder the tape right now…

Find out more here:

and talk to them here:




*I would just like to take this opportunity to apologise to my 16 year old self for that segue. Also for not yet owning a Segway.

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