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As well as doing tapes for my own label – POST/POP – some of you know I also often make tapes for the bigger labels. If you’ve bought a tape from a big band in the chart, it’s almost certain it’s gone through this little label. I am very selective about the bands I do tapes for though and even more selective about the bands I allow my logo on (The POST/POP wolf is a mark of quality, like lions on eggs! Like lions on eggs!).

Step forward ROYAL BLOOD. One of the most successful British bands of recent years, whose self-titled debut album reached Number one a few years ago are back with their follow up record ‘How Did We Get So Dark’.

This release was always going to be a big deal, so I wanted to do something extra special. Something I haven’t done before. Everyone loved the GOLD tapes I did for GUNSHIP (Waiting for that follow up guys!) so I’d always wanted to do Chrome/Mirrored cassettes. I chose Royal Blood to be the band that get these babies and just look at them… Absolutely beautiful!

I’m not sure any photos or videos can do them the justice of holding it in your hands and watching it catch the light in the most satisfying way. It also sounds superb – recorded in real time for the best quality – and to perfectly compliment that amazing raw sound Royal Blood have been so successful with.

As you can imagine, these chrome tapes are very very limited edition and due to how big this band is, will disappear very quickly. The album was released on June 16th and promptly went straight in at number 1 in the UK album charts! This is a first for POST/POP but there have been some close calls. In the next week I will be exploring some of the other tapes that POST/POP has done for Major labels that may have passed you by.

You can get these direct from the band at this link and they will be shipped out immediately: http://store.royalbloodband.com/uk/how-did-we-get-so-dark-cassette-32.html

Don’t say I never do anything for you!


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