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PEACH CLUB are the type of band that make me love that I have my own label. It means that I get to put out music that excites me, music that feels fresh and important and LOUD. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… what do they put in the water in Norwich? It’s getting to the point where I might as well move POST/POP HQ from the capital to sunny Norwich as it will save on emails.


Katie Revell, Amanda MacKinnon, Rebecca Wren and Charlie Hart are back again with an EP that’s almost too incendiary to commit to tape without having to have a qualified fire marshal on standby, ready to lead you down the fire escape to the relative safety of a nearby car park. Lead single ‘Cherry Baby’ is a 60s kitchen-sink drama through a 21st century lens and it genuinely nearly blew my speakers here at POST/POP. If you weren’t already convinced these women were the real deal, then ‘Bad Bitch’ is the clincher. Its a mission statement to humankind that Peach Club are coming for you and there is no escape.


Cherry Baby EP is available right now and RIGHT HERE.


You can find out more about this brilliant band in these places:






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As well as doing tapes for my own label – POST/POP – some of you know I also often make tapes for the bigger labels. If you’ve bought a tape from a big band in the chart, it’s almost certain it’s gone through this little label. I am very selective about the bands I do tapes for though and even more selective about the bands I allow my logo on (The POST/POP wolf is a mark of quality, like lions on eggs! Like lions on eggs!).

Step forward ROYAL BLOOD. One of the most successful British bands of recent years, whose self-titled debut album reached Number one a few years ago are back with their follow up record ‘How Did We Get So Dark’.

This release was always going to be a big deal, so I wanted to do something extra special. Something I haven’t done before. Everyone loved the GOLD tapes I did for GUNSHIP (Waiting for that follow up guys!) so I’d always wanted to do Chrome/Mirrored cassettes. I chose Royal Blood to be the band that get these babies and just look at them… Absolutely beautiful!

I’m not sure any photos or videos can do them the justice of holding it in your hands and watching it catch the light in the most satisfying way. It also sounds superb – recorded in real time for the best quality – and to perfectly compliment that amazing raw sound Royal Blood have been so successful with.

As you can imagine, these chrome tapes are very very limited edition and due to how big this band is, will disappear very quickly. The album was released on June 16th and promptly went straight in at number 1 in the UK album charts! This is a first for POST/POP but there have been some close calls. In the next week I will be exploring some of the other tapes that POST/POP has done for Major labels that may have passed you by.

You can get these direct from the band at this link and they will be shipped out immediately: http://store.royalbloodband.com/uk/how-did-we-get-so-dark-cassette-32.html

Don’t say I never do anything for you!


KENNY LEE – THE CONSTANT // Jet-Black Tapes of Super Dream POP!


If POST/POP was a 90s film noir, Kenny Lee would be Keyser Soze. While this label has been slowly gaining traction, scoring awesome band after awesome band, Kenny Lee has been watching from the shadows, quietly engineering things with whispers and half-gestures. You liked all the HETTIE stuff we’ve put out? All produced by Kenny Lee. You liked the Apple Eyes tape? Kenny was in that band! You definitely loved the Model village albums we put out… yes Kenny is in that band too. You see, without you knowing it, Kenny Lee has been in your life for longer than you realise, so it’s about smegging time he put out his own album… and what an album it is! Featuring all of your favourite POST/POP artists such as HETTIE, Model Village, No Cars (Yes, No Cars is on this album! I know, I’m excited too!) + members of Wolventrix (not released anything on POST/POP yet weirdly!) and a few other surprise cameos.



‘The Constant’ (an obvious nod to the greatest episode of LOST, nay the greatest episode of TV ever) is essentially the soundtrack to your next decade. Chockablock full of pop songs you had only dreamt about, at times 80s while others firmly futuristic. It’s like if someone made a musical of that time you were truly happy, but had nobody around to share that happiness with and then suddenly you do. The culmination of years of graft in myriad bands, Kenny has finally written his opus, and for those that have kept an eye on his output since dot, it’s everything you never knew you wanted.



By now, if you’ve listened to any of the album, you will have already bought it. POST/POP is around to bring you new music on the format you love, and if you don’t like this then there is no point in anything. It’s like a best of POST/POP before I actually do one (soon!), so get it now using the link below or click on the shop link to the right!


oh and I directed the Hall & Oates inspired music video for ‘System Offline’ ft. Matthew Walker from APPLE EYES!


<3 JED



As I’ve written before, Norwich is the new Manchester (which itself is the new Glasgow, which in turn is the new London). Its primary export right now seems to be bands that I can’t help falling in love with and I’m usually not so fickle with my heart, especially when it comes to music. Is it because I’ve lived in London all of my life and have become jaded with the identikit bands that circulate the city’s venues like clones programmed to think their individuals. I’m sent demos evry day from bands who are trying way too hard to be the XX (and just as annoying) when all I really need to get me going is something original. Something with its roots not firmly planted in the capital’s circle-jerk of self-congratulating, band-clone machine. Norwich’s ability to create bands like Mega Emotion, Treasureseason and Let’s Eat Grandma while here in London we’ve created Rita Ora means I will always side with our friends in the East.



PEACH CLUB is my latest fascination. Katie Gilbert, Amanda MacKinnon, Rebecca Wren and Charlie Hart are not the Riot Grrrls you want, but they are the Riot Grrls that you NEED. Now I’ve never claimed to be the poster child for Feminist Punk (yet) but I know passion and talent and fire when I hear it. It’s the sound of rebellion, channelled through 4 girls who on the surface might look like butter-wouldn’t-melt, but in reality, butter would become a gaseous form and dissipate into the eyes of every person who dared to cross them. Don’t discount this as preachy feminism, as that’s not what this is at all. It’s a celebration of being young with opinions and the anger at all that has come before, with the veiled promise to smash down the walls that threaten to barricade them in.



This is UK Punk on tape. Its incendiary. It’s a taste of things to come for a band who have only showed us a glimpse of their potential with this EP. It’s the kind of tape that in years to come will make people drool on Discogs, so buy now before I change my mind and set them all on fire cos sometimes I can be punk too.



and you can find out more about PEACH CLUB in these places:


<3 Jed

ISLANDS // Double Cassette Album (butterfly cases) – ‘Taste’ & ‘Should I Remain Here At Sea’


As anyone with even a passing interest in me knows, my favourite film of all time is the 80s B-Movie ‘Night of the Comet’. Not only is it the blueprint for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but also everything I’ve ever done in my life. So when I got the opportunity to go to the “cinema” where final girl ‘Reggie’ works in the film (played by the criminally underrated Catherine Mary Stewart), I jumped at the chance. The venue was the El Rey, on Wiltshire in LA and as the taxi pulled up to that iconic entrance (where Reggie got locked out!) I nodded at the driver like he had just delivered me to Valhalla. “Look Tom…” I said to my friend Tom because that’s his name, “THAT is where Reggie got the high score in Tempest, they should have kept the machine here, it would have been better…” and “I guess the projection room where Reggie and her loser boyfriend stayed in overnight that protected them from the comet’s destruction is up those stairs on the left.. do you think we can see it?”. Tom shook his head no and downed his pint to block me out, for we weren’t there to satiate my desire to act out the first 10 minutes of Night of the Comet (though I tried), we were there to see one of our favourite bands play. That band is Islands and today POST/POP is releasing not one, but TWO new albums for them! ‘Taste’ and ‘Shall I Remain Here At Sea’ are the albums in question and both have all of the elements that have made me stick with Islands over the last decade or so.


You can listen to them both here, and I suggest you do because they will make your ears awesome:


This is the first double cassette album from POST/POP, mostly because the infrastructure currently doesn’t exist to manufacture double cassette boxes in quantity. I’m not talking about those 90s “rave” style DVD clamshell style double cassette boxes, I’m talking the classic butterfly double cassette boxes that open either side. Finding these in the UK is impossible so we had to actually make them! There is also the challenge of making a reverse j-card to fit in the second slot (sorry to get all “inside-tape labels” but people have asked questions!) and that was new to me too.



Both albums represent exactly what POST/POP is about. Innovative, catchy as hell and perfectly suited to a colourful rectangle of plastic. If you’ve already listened to this, you’ll want to buy the tape and as it’s in very limited quantities, don’t hesitate! I’m not sure when I’m going to do another double tape ( and for a band as great as Islands!) so buy by clicking on the shop link at the top, or that photo of HETTIE on the right, or even at the below link:


As I left the El Rey gig, all those years ago, Islands had led the entire crowd outside the venue to continue the gig on the pavement (sidewalk for the americans out there!) and let off some fireworks at close range to my face. It left me with an image burned into my retinas (it could have been a sparkler) that this band would always be a part of my musical lexicon and I am more than proud to be releasing this double cassette on POST/POP.