It’s almost time for POST/POP’s most eagerly awaited release so far… “ADVENTURES IN HOME TAPING”

In case you haven’t heard about The Most Ambitious Tape Release For 30 Years, let me bring you up to speed. In collaboration with Reddit’s r/cassetteculture, I chose the best 26 bands that frequent this tape-friendly subreddit, and put them in an order that will nicely compliment the theme of the album… ADVENTURE! It was originally called “Choose Your Own Adventure” but Chooseco threatened me with legal action, so I changed it. We also had to change the art work, but everyone agrees it has turned out even better! The album is professionally recorded onto high quality RED cassettes and comes with a short story to read along with the music. It’s written by me, so you might actually forget there is music playing as you will be so involved in the story – but I have tested it and if you read it at a regular pace, it will be the exact right length of the tape. It’s very interactive and there will be times during the story where you will have to make decisions that you might find unusual at first, but please go with it! Anyway, we have sold a lot of these albums via pre-order, so when it is released on March 26th, you will need to act fast if you want to buy one!

With this in mind, I have already started to formulate “Adventures In Home Taping: Vol 2” (provisional title!) and this time I am going to feature 52 bands. “52 bands you say, Jed? On tape? But that’s impossible!” I really didn’t like turning down bands, and since this album was announced, I have come across dozens of amazing bands on r/cassetteculture which could have featured… so I am going to feature the best 52 bands out of the 100s on there.

If you are in a band and want to be on “Adventures In Home Taping: Vol 2”, here is what you need to do:

1: You need to register on r/cassetteculture. If you haven’t already, go to: and sign up. It takes 2 seconds. What is it? It’s a forum where people talk about tapes a lot and is filled with the most dedicated, amazing little bands that seem to all be on the verge of being great. Every genre/subgenre is catered for. If you’re into hip-hop, noise, experimental, pop and everything inbetween, you’ll find a good home. I am making this a prerequisite because this is a TAPE ALBUM and this is a very good step in keeping cassette culture thriving so we can make more albums like this.

2: Make a few posts. You don’t have to set the world on fire, but y’know say something.

3: Send me your very best song! We have a dedicated email: so send it to that.

4: Ideally, don’t send me lots of emails with a song on each. Send me your best one or two in one email otherwise it might get lost. Mark it something like “Adventures in Home Taping: Vol 2”. ANY genre is accepted but I am a big sucker for a chorus. People don’t write choruses anymore. I blame Injured Fox.

5: Thats it! What happens next is I will listen to every single song sent to me and let you know at some point between now and the end of May if your song is going on the album.

6: WHATS THE DEADLINE? There is NO deadline. As soon as I get 52 bands/songs I love, I will announce the line up on POST/POP and R/Cassetteculture.

7: If your band gets on, you’ll receive semi-regular emails, including answering some interview questions (see the ones we have done for Vol 1, they are great!) and also for any little things you need. Your suggestions are very very welcome. The bands involved can choose the colour of the tapes, how we present it, artwork, etc.

And that’s it! I also want to include a few special items with Vol 2, including ltd edition packs of cards. As there are 52 bands and 52 cards, I will get a few custom made decks produced, with each card representing the bands. If people like it, then maybe ill get more made!

POST/POP has an exciting few months before all this happens, so please spread the word and if you like great new music, jelly red tapes and interactive adventure stories, spend £3 (yes only £3!!!) on Adventure in Home Taping; Vol 1! —


What do you think?