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Its purely a coincidence that POST/POP seems to be going Norwich crazy right now. First it was the fantastic Treasureseason, and now, quite by chance, its the equally fantastic, MEGA EMOTION! Then I thought to myself, “Jed, is this really a coincidence? Or do we all just have to face the fact the Norwich is the new Seattle?” I sat myself down and assured myself that these two bands are merely a fluke, and I don’t need to up sticks and move up the map and potentially come face to face with ancestors of Swein Forkbeard, the Viking King of Denmark who probably would not care much for the upturn in power-pop the city he tried to destroy has recently produced.




So what we have here is the brand new single from MEGA EMOTION named “Uncomfortable”, and yes it does get quite awkward when I am singing along to this on the way into the office every day on packed trains. If I had to describe it in a sentence – which I kinda do – I would say that its like John Carpenter writing songs based on the works of Stephen King for OMD at their peak. It’s dark, its lyrically menacing, its catchy as hell and it’s very difficult to expunge from your brain once heard. Hear for yourself!


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