One of the main reasons of owning a record label is to release the music you absolutely love. The music that makes you feel like you can take on the world and win. The music that when you listen, the universe stops and waits patiently until you say its okay to move again. For many of us, that is ASH in a nutshell. The quintessential UK band that does that rare thing of simultaneously lifting you out of the dolldrums, and at the same time being the soundtrack to your heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. It’s all good though. ASH are the one constant in my musical collection over the years, and I hope for many to come.



I’m lucky to have heard the upcoming new album “Kablammo!” recently (they are still picking the best songs out of a great bunch) and I can hand-on-heart say that this is the best ASH album ever. Either on par with 1977 or slightly surpassing it. Now I don’t say that lightly because 1977 is on alot of people’s favourite albums of all time list, and thats fair enough, but just wait until you hear it. You will know what I mean. There is one particular song on it (I won’t spoil it for you by naming it, but you will know what you hear it) that is simply the greatest song they have ever made. It’s like A Life Less Ordinary x 100… but what do I know? (A: Everything about this band!)

Back to the matter at hand though, this beautiful limited edition ASH tape of the first single off “KABLAMMO!”… “COCOON”! Listen to it below.



Like THE SUBWAYS tape, this is very limited and is first exclusively available at the Independent Label Market @ Old Spitalfields on Saturday 28th of March. If there are any left, I will put it online at midnight later that day. Don’t forget that the ASH tape I released for Cassette Store Day was the best selling cassette over that period, beatinf digital, cd and vinyl sales on bandcamp! (first time that has ever happened). Check back here for the link at midnight 28/29th of march.




Come down to the ILM market in london though and say hello as I’d love to meet you! You will also get a free POST/POP badge with every ASH & The Subways tape.




to learn more about ASH check out these links:

see you on saturday!




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