CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE (PXP006): MEET THE BANDS – Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies

Welcome to the latest spotlight on one of the 26 bands/artists that will appear on the POST/POP vs Cassette Culture Collaboration Compilation (PXP006) released on March 26th. I aim to have one of these interviews every single day so by the time we release the album at the end of March you will know each band intimately! Next up is Tam Tam The Sandwich Man & The Magical Sugar Cookies!


Hello! You are one of the 26 bands chosen for the POST/POP X CassetteCulture compilation. Congrats and thank you for letting me use your song. Just so everyone can know a little about you, who are you?

We formed in 2009 Nina couldn’t play until we got her stoned so thats all we do now is smoke weed and play music.

Where are you from? Somewhere exotic? Are there any nice record shops there?

We are from Orlando,FL good places to buy records are Park Ave Cds, Rock N Roll Heaven, and Retro Records.

What genre would you pigeonhole yourself into? Y’know, if I had a gun to your head! (There’s a slim chance that in the future I may have to point a gun to your head due to sleepwalking)

Punkadelic Grav Pop

I’m bored of bands telling the world what their musical influences are SO, what are your non-musical influences? (people, movies, art etc)

Walter(our cat), Friends, Weed, Benazir Bhutto, Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson, Bike Rides, Adam Curtis Films, Coffee, and Everything that has ever transpired in the lives that we lead.

How did you find out about this collaboration/compilation and what made you send me your songs?

Jordan spends too much time on the internet and reddit and he saw your call for submissions on r/cassetteculture and was really into the theme being a big fan of the book series as a kid.

You are in a dusty room. Time hangs heavy in the air. Before you is an ancient table, carved from a twisted tree that once stood proudly atop a lost mountain. Upon this great table is a gilded envelope. You open the envelope slowly, knowing that it will give you the answer that you have been waiting for ever since you started this journey. You have lost many friends and gained untold enemies along the way. All for this. This moment. You carefully remove the parchment, feeling the edges until it draws blood. You notice not, as your eyes flicker across the page. Your blind companion, so loyal, even though you traded his eyes for safe passage and a mixtape, brings his ear close to your lips and asks you the question. “What did the letter say?” and your answer is……

Step 1. – Materials needed: Two-liter plastic bottle or water bottle, scissors, and a bowl from a metal pipe. If you do not have a bowl handy, you can fashion one using hardware found in most garages

Step 2. – Using the scissors, cut off the bottom of the bottle.

Step 3. – Poke a hole in the top of the lid or cap so that the bowl can be screwed in. Make sure that the bowl fits tightly.

Step 4. – Thread the bowl into the cap and place the cap back onto the bottle.

Step 5. – Remove the cap and put the bottle into a bucket of water (or a tub, pool, etc.). Snap on the cap, hold the lighter to the bowl, and pull up on the bottle to draw the smoke in. (The bottom of the bottle must stay in the water.)

Step 6. – Remove the cap again and place your lips over the opening. Push the bottle back into the water while inhaling. CAREFUL! This one’s a doozey.

Do you listen to tapes yourself? Do you think there’s a future for the format?

 Yes. This is the future of the format. Hard copies matter you can’t sit and stare at a .mp3.

What’s the one thing people should know about you before they listen to your track?

We have more than one song.

What’s the one thing people should know after they listen to your track?

You can find them all for free on the internet


Well thank you very much! You can read the other interviews I have done with the bands appearing on CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE (March 26th!) below. Go on, have a read, get to know them!













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