SPOTLIGHT: Emily Capell – Why you should buy her tape released on Valentines Day!

There are many reasons why you should get emily’s tape that is released in a couple of days time.


1: Its Valentines Day and it would be a great present for a loved one, even if they didn’t have a tape player. It’s the thought that counts right?

2: “Plastic” and its b-side “From the Bombs to the Beatles” are 2 brilliant ways to step into Emily’s world which is all at once a throwback to 60s glamour, mixed with 80s politics and finally sprinkled with 21st century vitriol.

3: This short film I made with her about Emily being the last person left on earth. It’s called Emily Ever After and it’s only a couple if minutes long but fits in a beautiful friendship with a robot, making mixtapes for the dead AND the search for Bill Cosby. http://www.virginmediashorts.co.uk/film/4276/emily-ever-after

I know right? You want that Robot too? Well you can’t have him!

Like Hettie, Emily came on my radio show and sang a few songs, originally in December 2012 I believe and followed that up with another appearance on my brand new Sunday show (4-6pm on 98FM). LISTEN TO THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW HERE

Ouiji boards on a radio show you ask? Yes. Because a new music show doesnt have to just be a presenter reading a band bio off wikipedia, it can also be fun. It SHOULD always be fun.



Something else that is fun is the video the song that first introduced me to Emily:

Louis Matthews!! Absolutely love this video, but then Clowns are my wheelhouse.

Next video is “My Dad’s a Smith’s Fan” and it sorta influenced the artwork for Em’s single with POST/POP, which you will see in a moment…

So due to our mutual appreciation of The Smiths, I modelled the artwork of her single “Plastic” on POST/POP on The Queen is Dead (which coincidentally is the best album ever).



Emily’s single is out on POST/POP on Valentines Day (Feb 14th!) and you can buy it now by clicking on this sentence!

Find out more about Emily below:

www.emilycapell.com – website

https://twitter.com/emily_capell – twitter

https://soundcloud.com/emilycapell-1 – soundcloud


thanks and hope you all enjoy the tapes!




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