Jed, have you heard the new Daphne & Celeste song? You’d love it!”  said Dave Cronen, manager of ASH/Johnny Marr. I hadn’t at the time, but went home that night and watched the video. “Woah! Max Tundra produced this? Woah! Daphne & Celeste can really sing! Woah, there’s a Twin Peaks reference? Woah! its all about cassette tapes?” Yes Dave, I LOVE IT! So then I set about speaking to Mr. Tundra about releasing the cassette and this is it below!



How great do they look? The artwork looks like those classic Columbia tapes + we made sure the tape shells were yellow to match the 7″. The “B” side (like the vinyl) is an instrumental version of the track so you can sing along and pretend you’re in the band too. I’m not saying that I want to form a “supergroup” called ‘Daphne & Celeste & Jed’ where we do just do Weezer covers, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.


You probably know Daphne & Celeste from ‘Ooh Stick You’ (1999) and ‘U.G.L.Y’ (1999) or maybe even the lesser known ‘Schools Out’ which is kind of a pseudo-cover of Alice Cooper’s original. Well forget everything you know, because, although ‘You & I Alone’ retains the hooks which permeate throughout all of their debut album ‘We Didn’t Say That!’, it also adds the gravitas that only Max Tundra can bring.


I recently found out that every single one of my friends has been loving Max Tundra without me, and I can now see why people are so excited by the D&C collaboration. It’s like an alternate reality where someone asked the question “What if Daphne & Celeste had an amazing producer and a direction? How far could they go?”.  I hope there is more stuff on the horizon for this Avengers style team-up, and I hope you guys enjoy the tape!


The cassette is available by clicking on this sentence or by clicking on that picture of hettie over on the right, or the “shop” link at the top of the page.


You can find out lots more about Daphne & Celeste by using the following links, and you should!








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