Kestrels – Limited Edition Cassette (PXP004) Released March 15th

I know what you’re thinking. A POST/POP release and its not by a pretty girl with long eyelashes looking downwards? YES! Thats right. POST/POP’s 4th release comes from Canada’s very own KESTRELS! I tried to make them all pose wearing long eyelashes  – and to their credit, they tried it, but they couldn’t do the looking down thing, so we went with a massive moon instead.


Now, everything I ever learnt about Canada comes from 2 things:

1: ‘Due South’, the 90s cop show about a Canadian mountie that gets posted to a Chicago police force. With this in mind I assume that the members of Kestrels are good at tracking and are extremely polite to criminals.

2: My experience of going to Montreal, nobody being able to speak English to me (or didn’t want to) and Arcade Fire NOT meeting me at the airport riding on a moose. At montreal airport (oddly bigger than the city of Montreal – I am not kidding about this, look on wikipedia) they asked me if I was there for “business or pleasure”. When I said “pleasure” they answered “are you sure?”.

To me, this is Canada. The land of people who dont expect anyone to actually like them, but don’t really care either way as they have amazing healthcare, quality of living and the monopoly on incredible bands. One of these bands is KESTRELS and I am happy to announce that a Ltd Edition Tape of TWO brand new tracks will be available from March 15th 2014 on this very site.

this is their bio from their site but you are welcome to pretend I wrote it –

I got to see them live when they popped over to London to support Ash a couple of years back (was it that long ago?!) and played the Camden Barfly as a warm-up. I remember thinking that I had known the lead singer Chad Peck for about a million years as “the guy in Canada who knew lots about Ash and had rare stuff” so it was weird finding out he was a living breathing person in a band that I really liked. It was at that point I thought “One day I will release a tape for this band with a big moon on the cover” and that my friends is exactly what I’m doing.





thank you for supporting POST/POP!



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