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Adventures in Home Taping: Meet The Bands – Tremolo Ghosts

Welcome to the latest spotlight on one of the 26 bands/artists that will appear on the POST/POP vs Cassette Culture Collaboration Compilation. I aim to have one of these interviews every single day so by the time we release the album at the end of March you will know each band initmately! Next up is TREMOLO GHOSTS! I chose their track “Eventually America” for this album because it reminded me of a Welsh interpretation of The Mountain Goats. Yes, Owen Chambers (only member of Tremolo Ghosts) represents South Wales in this frankly incredible mish-mash album of styles and sounds. Here’s what he has to say..

Hello! You are one of the 26 bands chosen for the POST/POP X CassetteCulture compilation. Congrats and thank you for letting me use your song. Just so everyone can know a little about you, who are you?

Hello! I am Tremolo Ghosts. Just me. So really the plural is a little unnecessary isn’t it?

Where are you from? Somewhere exotic? Are there any nice record shops there?

I am from the mysterious and garishly exotic town of Swansea in South Wales. On a less sarcastic note it does have one absolutely fantastic record shop called Derricks that seems to have never left the mid-70s and is always playing Deep Purple and Rainbow. Despite the range of truly bizarre throwbacks and oddities they have in there, the best thing about it are the little yellow papers bags that they give you to put your purchases in. It looks like something you might hide a beercan in over in the United States

What genre would you pigeonhole yourself into? Y’know, if I had a gun to your head! (There’s a slim chance that in the future I may have to point a gun to your head due to sleepwalking)

Well the particular pigeon hole that I’m currently flying into would be a sort of lo-fi Americana but very Welsh. So Welshicana? Is that a thing?

I’m bored of bands telling the world what their musical influences are SO, what are your non-musical influences? (people, movies, art etc)

This is the kind of question that you really have to stroke your beard to (if you have one). I get a lot from books really. I’ve just finished reading Tove Jansson’s “The Summer Book” which is as funny, moving and curious as they come. I get very mistrustful of people who can read books but don’t read. They’re up to something…something boring and sinister.

Is that a boring answer? I can say I get a lot of influence from crazy-paving or the Egyptian sun god Ra if that will help?

How did you find out about this collaboration/compilation and what made you send me your songs?

My ever diligent housemate and frequent musical co-conspirator Charlie told me about it. He always seem to know about this sort of thing whilst I always seem to pass them blindly by. He’s in a terrifying one band punk folk band called New Bedlam Asylum which you should defiantly listen to. Apart from the usually starry eyed wonder of possibility, the thing that made me send off a song would be the killer artwork you have for this compilation. Seriously it’s awesome.

You are in a dusty room. Time hangs heavy in the air. Before you is an ancient table, carved from a twisted tree that once stood proudly atop a lost mountain. Upon this great table is a gilded envelope. You open the envelope slowly, knowing that it will give you the answer that you have been waiting for ever since you started this journey. You have lost many friends and gained untold enemies along the way. All for this. This moment. You carefully remove the parchment, feeling the edges until it draws blood. You notice not, as your eyes flicker across the page. Your blind companion, so loyal, even though you traded his eyes for safe passage and a mixtape, brings his ear close to your lips and asks you the question. “What did the letter say?” and your answer is……

Blimey I must have been on quite the quest. I’m glad I found the lost mountain with my sense of direction. Also I’m not too sure how much parchment feeling it takes to draw blood but I’m sure that it’s too much. I guess my answer to my blind companion’s question would be: “Dude, I am so sorry about your eyes! This parchment just contains a recipe for tacos so in reflection was probably not worth it.”

Do you listen to tapes yourself? Do you think there’s a future for the format?

I listen to tapes all of the time! Although bereft of a Walkman as I am, I have to cuddle up to the gargantuan tape player that’s sitting in my front room if I want to hear one but that’s part of the charm. I think their future defiantly lies in the world of DIY. Put simply, it’s cheaper and easier for a band to record a tape than a CD (digital recording is a different matter altogether) and you can make the artwork for a tape look wonderful with just a scrawly biro!

What’s the one thing people should know about you before they listen to your track?

Please ignore the count in at the start. It’s completely different to the actual time signature of the track so it’s a bit pointless….. A countdown is just something you have to do occasionally like a tax return or defrosting the freezer

What’s the one thing people should know after they listen to your track?

It was a real trial to record for me…..I have tiny, freakish mole hands so finger picking is a constant uphill struggle. I swear a horse could finger pick better than me….

Thank you Owen! Apologies for constantly misspelling your band name, but I find vowels are pretty interchangable without too much loss of life… anyway take a look at the interviews with some of the other bands on the album below. You can also preorder this gargantuan album too. Demand – based on preorders – is extremely high and I have had to quadruple the amount of tapes I usually make. I know people say it alot, but this one WILL go really fast.











One more thing to keep in mind is that I am already formulating ideas for “ADVENTURES IN HOME TAPING: VOL 2” and may make it a double album. I felt bad turnign away lots of bands, and I am intent to make sure every band involved in cassette culture has a chance of being on it.

What do you think?