You may have noticed that I usually have a long rambling intro describing how I stumbled across a new band while climbing a tree in a rainforest, narrowly escaping the wrath of a pack of baboons when the band in question appeared like magic – as a hologram – at the top of the tallest tree around ; or perhaps I discovered a band while sinking to bottom of well and a found a small door and while crawling through, I find the skeleton of an ancestor, holding a mixtape with the most perfect band ever as track 1… None of these events happened with TREASURESEASON. I found them on Soundcloud and it was more exciting and magical than 1000 of my convoluted stories ever could be.


Before you read any further, listen to “The City” and then tell me you haven’t found your new favourite band, because if you say you haven’t, you’re a damn dirty liar my friend. You see, it’s refreshing to hear a London accent that doesn’t sound forced or fake. It’s a rare occurrence, and I gleefully subscribe to the notion that you don’t have to oversell an accent to make your point. Saying that, this EP is definitely inspired by London, and if this great city had it own national anthem, I’d vote for this hands down.

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It cannot be understated how talented I think Jess Bartlet and David Powell are for making an electronic pop EP in a post-CHVRCHES world, and have it not be a copy or a derivation of something from ‘The Bones of What You Believe’. ‘Julep‘ sounds fresh and wholly original but still makes you pang for the nostalgia of your childhood mixtapes.



Mark my words. This time next year, EVERYONE will be into Treasureseason but YOU will be able to say that you got in early. You bought Julep ON CASSETTE TAPE and you have the instagram photos to prove it.

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 p.s this is the link to buy/preorder once again! (or click on the shop link at the top of the page, or that photo of hettie over on the right) 

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