The last time POST/POP had a Model Village release (2014’s “You Chose These Woes”) it ended up being one of the sounding tapes we have ever done. Chocablok full of incredible pop songs that showed no sign of relenting, so it was a shame we had to wait this long for some new tracks.


While the band are busy touring and preparing the new album (out in the Autumn and recorded metres away from the POST/POP office!) they managed to drop this EP. It’s called “Burger Party” and I can only assume it’s because thats an awesome name for an EP. Here is the official blurb:

Self-reliant sophistipop sextet Model Village return for 2015 with “Burger Party” – a 3-track EP of songs about family, pets, and unwarranted reunions.

Following hot on the heels of 2014 releases, “You Chose These Woes” and “You Are Now Leaving The Future EP”, the group have continued seamlessly in their quest to unite all forms of pop music with new vocalist Lily Somerville. Recorded both with regular collaborator Sam Inglis in the Northamptonshire countryside and with Mark Jasper at East London punk hit factory Sound Savers, “Burger Party” tips a musical hat to everyone from the Housemartins to Make-Up, Tracy Chapman, and The Band, resulting in a set of tunes set firmly in the present day but with a strong sense of history.


I have 50 tapes in the office, and I STILL want to buy a copy! If you check them out on tour you can also buy one from your friendly neighbourhood merch stand. Otherwise head on over to the POST/POP SHOP or click on HETTIE over there on the right.


I really love this EP and I hope you do too!




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