San Cisco // Gracetown – Ltd Edition Cassette drops July 6th!


EDIT: (The band’s lot of tapes were sold out in a couple of hours today, so these are the only ones left on the planet! BUY NOW)

I’ve had some really good luck with discovering Australian bands. First up was the incomparably awesome PEPA KNIGHT, and since then, I have been on the lookout for another group of beautiful misfits from the furthest place away I can think of. Step forward San Cisco and the gloriously indie-pop ‘Gracetown’ album. Man, these guys know exactly what a chorus is, and make sure we don’t forget it. Incredibly radio-friendly Vampire Weekend-esque pop with bigger hooks than Candyman working part-time at a fishing shop; San Cisco are like a tonic to my tired ears. I’ve also just realised that I am totally projecting this band as a slightly older version of PUGWALL 🙂 “Morning to Midnight…. cha cha cha”

The band consists of Jordi Davieson (guitar, lead vocals), Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals), Nick Gardner (bass) and Scarlett Stevens (drums, vocals) and their videos (I’ve peppered this post with them!) and they’ve been making music in this guise since 2009, originally under the terribly moniker ‘King George’. Im glad they decided to swap to ‘San Cisco’ as it connotes sunny, lazy days, which is the perfect environment to listen to this album.


The non-cassette version of this album has already reached number 2 in the ARIA charts (Australia!) and Number 1 in the AIR charts (Independent Music Chart), so it comes with alot of pressure behind it for this tape to be awesome. Luckily this is POST/POP. This is what we do. I don’t need to sell you on this tape too much, as by now you would have clicked on a video or listened to a track and already have it in your basket, but if not, listen to this track ‘Too Much Time Together‘ and come back to me when you’ve bought the album, and maybe one for your loved ones…


Hey, nice to have you back. You have just got your hands on this fantastic tape and can recreate this photo (planks of wood not included).

Although it looks like the tapes were being abducted by aliens, don;t worry, it’s just a filter.


The band have just finished their American tour at the Bowery Ballroom in New York, so if you didn’t catch them, this tape is the next best thing. Hold it in your hand, tell it your deepest/darkest secrets, whisper “I Love You” and find out more about them in these places…




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